Women are the only majority minority in our country. While social morays are ever changing in favor of women as a force in our country there is still a problem in the area of politics. Even the glass ceiling for women in business is cracking at an ever-accelerating rate, witnesses the first President of GM but probably more importantly the leads in technologies companies are being filled with women. Sounds pretty positive but there is a shortfall, politics.

Women have made some strides in being elected and achieving key roles in government decisions. Still the power potential for women is unlimited. Will there be a woman President of our country, of course there will but not necessarily Hillary. This is not an indictment of Hillary but rather a realty check. Man or woman if you have too much exposure in the press you will become the subject of controversial issues like birth control, government interference with state laws, past decisions that resulted in “scandals.” Again these rules apply to men as well s women and so it is logical that Hillary wants to defer her announcement to run for President until it is closer to election time. There is in my opinion another problem for women and that is other woman. I’ve seen it many times in business where a competent woman reporting to another woman will be road blocked within the organization. This happens more with women on women than it does women on men. For this reason I believe women will have to work harder and build better alliances with other women in order for them to successfully get elected and run segments of the government.

It only makes sense that women will be the majority decision makers in the U.S. government eventually. Will they do a better job than the currently male dominated government, I don’t know. I would expect that they would fall victim to the trappings of power that come with influence in the government. I expect to see the press [which is and will be dominated by women] writing stories about illegal off shore purchases, influencing business laws to help family members or businesses, witness Max Flowers or Nancy Pelosi, after all they are only human. I guess that’s the key, they are human and they deserve the right to be represented by their sisters and so women are on a path to rule or at least share in the rule of our country, accept it, it might work out well.

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