On February 24, 2014 Susan Rice at the direction of President Obama appeared on NBC’s “Meet The Press” and specifically did not appear on all of the other major TV Networks, ABC, CBS and Fox. It was clear that Obama’s administration felt David Gregory; host of Meet The Press would not “press” Ms. Rice on her roll in the Benghazi fiasco. Remember in 2012 [just before the election] when she announced on all major TV networks that the Benghazi attack was spontaneous caused by an anti muslin video originating in California. Everyone except Susan now admits the video had nothing to do with the attack and in fact it was an organized terrorist attack.

Of course Susan’s primary purpose in appearing in the protective environment of “Meet The Press” was to explain the President’s position on the Ukrainian crisis and of course she and apparently the President didn’t have a handle on situation. Witness the John Kerry interview the following Sunday on “Meet The Press” and all the other major TV networks except Fox in which he fumbled and stumbled through mostly empty threats with absolutely no specific plan.

The stonewalling by Ms. Rice and harrumphing of the Secretary of State are understandable in the Obama administration. Obama pulled the rug out from under Secretary Kerry on Syria and the infamous “red line” foreign policy is a laugh. It’s not just Putin that doesn’t believe Obama hasn’t any foreign policy teeth it is the entire world. The truth is there is nothing we can do about the Russian strategy in the Ukrainian issue but possibly understand that a strong military and a forceful Presidential policy would have avoided the actions by the Russians. I urge you to remember March 26, 2012 President Obama speaking to the Russian President Medvedev and thinking he was off camera said; after [my] election I have more flexibility. Medvedev said he would “pass that message on” and we believe that was he would pass it on to Putin. Will we ever know what Obama really meant, I doubt it but whatever the message to Putin it did not help build a relationship with Russian based on U.S. strength and resolve to lead not follow on foreign policy issues.

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