It certianly isn’t a surprising

This week some major health insurance companies like Pennsylvania’s independence Blue Cross and Well Pointe issued statements indicating they believe insurance rates to consumers will be double digit in 2015.

What is surprising is that the story came from Kaiser Health News, an organization loosely affiliated with Kaiser Health Care, an advocate for Obamacare from its inception. Of course the story says the issue is unsettled but it is clear that two things are happening as we look at Obamacare for 2015. 1. Insurers are seeing new customers booking expensive operations and other high price procedures at the beginning of their new insurance coverage. 2.These actions may portend increases even higher than those already anticipated by major insurance companies.

There is another factor that insurance companies are highlighting, they, the insurance companies don’t have access to customer medical history and are scouring pharmacy data to get a hint of what kind of illnesses they will have to deal with as the new insurance year approaches.

What is certain is that if the health insurance companies are correct and the average person will face double-digit rate increases for their 2015 health insurance the public will protest, either at the poles or in the street. Another certain fact is that contrary to what our President says the ACA is not settled law.

Elizabeth Warren

The mainstream/liberal media is giving full throat to Mrs. Warren’s democrat nomination for President in 2016. The press likes the fact that she is more liberal [excuse me progressive is what they want to call her] than Hillary and has some of the mystery that served Obama so well in 2008. Even her gaffes such as claiming she was part Native American Indian have been quickly forgotten by the media, just like Obama’s school records. The fact is she will not have a problem with the press and might become the nominee for the democrats in 2016.

However I think it is more likely Elizabeth will guarantee Hillary Clintons nomination. You ask why? It is clear that the democrats have learned from “hope and change,” Obamacare “you can keep your insurance policy if you’re happy with it,” “you can keep your doctor if you want,” I’ll make an informed and reasonably quick decision on the Keystone pipeline, “if you cross my red line you will prosecuted militarily” to we must lead from behind in world politics that Obama has scared the vast majority of the American public. The public is going to look more for practical applications of law and less for a vague hope and change message. Hillary is no fool and she recognizes that her infamous question to the publc during the 2008 fight for the nomination; who do you want answering the phone when it rings at 3 in the morning? isn’t another Obama. On the other hand many of the more liberal, oops there I go again, many of the progressives in the democrat party feel Obama didn’t keep implied promises on “progressive” issues and Mrs. Warren well may be the one to pursue the progressive agenda with a greater determination than Obama did.

Cooler heads in the democrat party will support a more middle of the road that Hillary could represent and the public might buy. Interesting nomination time for the 2016 and not just for the republicans.

Emotographics and Entrepreneur Magazine

Emotographics LLC, the pioneering marketing analytics company that measures and monetizes the emotional connectivity between consumers and brands, has fielded the 2014 national branding study for Entrepreneur Media Inc. (EMI). The study evaluated the connectivity of over leading 900 brands across more than 50 categories.
Emotographics research examines how brands score on their unique emotional hierarchy, revealing:
➢ What degree of brand loyalty is achieved.
➢ How many customers and resultant market share are in play.
➢ What degree of brand alienation exists.
“Loyalty is not monogamous,” says Craig Reiss, Emotographics Chief Creative Officer/Partner. “A brand like McDonald’s produces almost exactly the same amount of alienation as it does loyalty. This necessitates Compensatory Marketing just to replenish lost customers, and only then does it start to work to create actual growth.”
The highlights of the 2014 study are the cover story for the April issue of Entrepreneur and results are detailed on ten editorial pages in the issue with special focus on the category leaders. Top brands recognized in the article include Sephora, Panera Bread, Verizon, Ritz Carlton, Hampton Inn, Patron, TJ Maxx, Virgin America and Rita’s Italian Ice among many others.
The study results are based on 5,090 responses from US adults, culled from the Entrepreneur Media Inc. database of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial intenders. Additional details on this study are available from Entrepreneur. Learn more about Emotographics unique and appealing approach to customer engagement and development at
To read the entire “Secrets of the Top Brands” feature, pick up the April issue of Entrepreneur on newsstands or see it online.

We regret to inform you

Across the country individuals are receiving letters from the Treasury Department informing taxpayers that their refund checks are being confiscated for debts to Social Security, some going back forty to fifty years. Why?

It seems three years ago some unnamed beaurcrat slipped into a farm bill a ruling that they government can go after debts older than ten years. It seems the old statute limited recourse by the government to ten years and after that it was a null and void debt.

In an article by Marc Fisher of the “Washington Post “ Marc gives the example of Mary Grice’s tax refund. Uncle Sam took her money followed by a letter saying it was to satisfy an old debt. Later Mary learned that when she was four her father died leaving her mother with five children to raise. Social Security paid survivor benefits until the children reached eighteen. Apparently there was an over payment and now the government is taking her tax refund check as partial payment.

No department of the government is willing to say who started aggressively perusing these collections but they are collecting. Since the drive started the Treasury Department has collected $424,000,000 and they aren’t stopping with this amount.

Imagine you have your tax refund check confiscated by the feds and you find out it wasn’t because of something you did, just like Mary Grice but rather a relative long dead.

Surely the feds have so many other current sources of taxable income they can revert to previous policies and forgo collections on people who had nothing to do with a tax mistake. It amazes me how the federal government manages to make themselves look like ogre’s and deservedly so.

If nothing else

Health Insurance companies are through in evaluating the risks associated with business ventures. The actuarial tables are not just a tool in measuring risk/loss or the potential of profits; it is the ultimate yardstick for success. With so many predictive tools health insurance companies are inordinately capable of projecting trends and more importantly results to a boardroom driven by unforgiving directors looking for accuracy in quarterly and yearly profit and loss projections. You may ask why I’m dwelling on health insurance measurements of accuracy and I would say because they are the antithesis of the U.S. Governments current administration.

Given the accuracy of health insurance company’s financial projections for profit and loss and our current administrations inaccuracies I am calling for a public financial report [as much as is allowed by corporate practices] from all health insurance companies participating in the ACA program. I want to know what they project for 2014 sign ups, the mix of young [18-26] verse other age groups, payments made and most importantly projections for insurance costs in 2015. I want all the research sources they use to be made public for independent evaluation.

I would also like our current administration to provide us with the number of people on Medicaid and the number of people who weren’t insured before the ACA compared to the number now insured for the first time. Finally I would like to know how many dollars are [as provided in the ACA bill] going to the health insurance companies to cover the short fall of projected profits.