We regret to inform you

Across the country individuals are receiving letters from the Treasury Department informing taxpayers that their refund checks are being confiscated for debts to Social Security, some going back forty to fifty years. Why?

It seems three years ago some unnamed beaurcrat slipped into a farm bill a ruling that they government can go after debts older than ten years. It seems the old statute limited recourse by the government to ten years and after that it was a null and void debt.

In an article by Marc Fisher of the “Washington Post “ Marc gives the example of Mary Grice’s tax refund. Uncle Sam took her money followed by a letter saying it was to satisfy an old debt. Later Mary learned that when she was four her father died leaving her mother with five children to raise. Social Security paid survivor benefits until the children reached eighteen. Apparently there was an over payment and now the government is taking her tax refund check as partial payment.

No department of the government is willing to say who started aggressively perusing these collections but they are collecting. Since the drive started the Treasury Department has collected $424,000,000 and they aren’t stopping with this amount.

Imagine you have your tax refund check confiscated by the feds and you find out it wasn’t because of something you did, just like Mary Grice but rather a relative long dead.

Surely the feds have so many other current sources of taxable income they can revert to previous policies and forgo collections on people who had nothing to do with a tax mistake. It amazes me how the federal government manages to make themselves look like ogre’s and deservedly so.

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