Emotographics and Entrepreneur Magazine

Emotographics LLC, the pioneering marketing analytics company that measures and monetizes the emotional connectivity between consumers and brands, has fielded the 2014 national branding study for Entrepreneur Media Inc. (EMI). The study evaluated the connectivity of over leading 900 brands across more than 50 categories.
Emotographics research examines how brands score on their unique emotional hierarchy, revealing:
➢ What degree of brand loyalty is achieved.
➢ How many customers and resultant market share are in play.
➢ What degree of brand alienation exists.
“Loyalty is not monogamous,” says Craig Reiss, Emotographics Chief Creative Officer/Partner. “A brand like McDonald’s produces almost exactly the same amount of alienation as it does loyalty. This necessitates Compensatory Marketing just to replenish lost customers, and only then does it start to work to create actual growth.”
The highlights of the 2014 study are the cover story for the April issue of Entrepreneur and results are detailed on ten editorial pages in the issue with special focus on the category leaders. Top brands recognized in the article include Sephora, Panera Bread, Verizon, Ritz Carlton, Hampton Inn, Patron, TJ Maxx, Virgin America and Rita’s Italian Ice among many others.
The study results are based on 5,090 responses from US adults, culled from the Entrepreneur Media Inc. database of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial intenders. Additional details on this study are available from Entrepreneur. Learn more about Emotographics unique and appealing approach to customer engagement and development at http://www.emotographics.com.
To read the entire “Secrets of the Top Brands” feature, pick up the April issue of Entrepreneur on newsstands or see it online.

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