Elizabeth Warren

The mainstream/liberal media is giving full throat to Mrs. Warren’s democrat nomination for President in 2016. The press likes the fact that she is more liberal [excuse me progressive is what they want to call her] than Hillary and has some of the mystery that served Obama so well in 2008. Even her gaffes such as claiming she was part Native American Indian have been quickly forgotten by the media, just like Obama’s school records. The fact is she will not have a problem with the press and might become the nominee for the democrats in 2016.

However I think it is more likely Elizabeth will guarantee Hillary Clintons nomination. You ask why? It is clear that the democrats have learned from “hope and change,” Obamacare “you can keep your insurance policy if you’re happy with it,” “you can keep your doctor if you want,” I’ll make an informed and reasonably quick decision on the Keystone pipeline, “if you cross my red line you will prosecuted militarily” to we must lead from behind in world politics that Obama has scared the vast majority of the American public. The public is going to look more for practical applications of law and less for a vague hope and change message. Hillary is no fool and she recognizes that her infamous question to the publc during the 2008 fight for the nomination; who do you want answering the phone when it rings at 3 in the morning? isn’t another Obama. On the other hand many of the more liberal, oops there I go again, many of the progressives in the democrat party feel Obama didn’t keep implied promises on “progressive” issues and Mrs. Warren well may be the one to pursue the progressive agenda with a greater determination than Obama did.

Cooler heads in the democrat party will support a more middle of the road that Hillary could represent and the public might buy. Interesting nomination time for the 2016 and not just for the republicans.

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