It certianly isn’t a surprising

This week some major health insurance companies like Pennsylvania’s independence Blue Cross and Well Pointe issued statements indicating they believe insurance rates to consumers will be double digit in 2015.

What is surprising is that the story came from Kaiser Health News, an organization loosely affiliated with Kaiser Health Care, an advocate for Obamacare from its inception. Of course the story says the issue is unsettled but it is clear that two things are happening as we look at Obamacare for 2015. 1. Insurers are seeing new customers booking expensive operations and other high price procedures at the beginning of their new insurance coverage. 2.These actions may portend increases even higher than those already anticipated by major insurance companies.

There is another factor that insurance companies are highlighting, they, the insurance companies don’t have access to customer medical history and are scouring pharmacy data to get a hint of what kind of illnesses they will have to deal with as the new insurance year approaches.

What is certain is that if the health insurance companies are correct and the average person will face double-digit rate increases for their 2015 health insurance the public will protest, either at the poles or in the street. Another certain fact is that contrary to what our President says the ACA is not settled law.

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