Serious Stuff part 2

Recently I wrote a piece “Serious Stuff” In my blog, The story was about the unprofessional way that businesses and employment agencies have evolved the process of seeking employees and forcing them into impersonal Internet filings. I pointed out that over the last ten years these recruitment practices preclude people talking to people and courtesy has falling by the wayside. The results are impersonal or no responses to the often-complicated on line forms that potential employees are required to fill out.

The response to this piece has been overwhelming. I offer one real life example of a real life experience and one suggestion offered.

The Example
“So “VERY” true, the last 20 applications, resume submissions, direct or indirect have not been responded too. Everything in this dialog is 100% CORRECT. Even the couple interviews I have had over the last 3 – 5 years have been buffered by HR, ie you meet with HR (young people, OK 30 and under). You are never in contact with anyone who can actually determine if your education, skills and far be it that experience is part of the equation. They in many cases cannot even speak to what the “Agency” (in these cases) actually do and how they do it. Let alone whether your experience and skill is a fit. The most frustrating process ever.” Name is withheld at my disrecetion; I don’t want recriminations against this man as he continues to seek employment.

The suggestion
A reader suggest I offer consulting services to the automotive companies so that their image would be improved among the potential employees who also purchased their products. I replied that the auto’s and many other businesses are perfectly happy with the current clearing process. Even worse the job’s outlook for the next five years is not encouraging and there will be more qualified people available by ten than jobs available.

What has happened to common courtesy and respect for people’s feelings?

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