Dog Whistle to the Left

This is the first time I ever heard about dog whistle messaging. I now understand that the dog whistle messaging process is a tool used by the Democrat party and the White House administration to reassure the left wing of the party that President Obama and his team are actually going to carry forward with environmental rules that will constrain energy growth, health care rules that will eventually lead to single-payer insurance and all other White House programs that don’t play well to middle America but are very important to the far left without letting the “real people” know. Probably the instructions from the Democrat party leaders to not use the term “recovery” is also a “dog whistle” to the left to stop drawing attention to an economy that is sick with no real plans to stimulate growth.

I guess conservatives are just not as sophisticated as Democrats and the Obama administration, you see we don’t have any dog whistle messages, we just speak the truth as we know it. We are prone to common sense, we know socialist type programs for health care, reckless, constraining energy rules and vague promises of stimulating the economy don’t translate into good results for the middle class or any other class and we just say it that way, no dog whistles involved

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