Dog Whistle to the Left – IRS

Jay Carney said that the IRS scandal was nothing more than the action of some rogue agents in the IRS Cincinnati Ohio office. The whistle to the left is that the administration doesn’t want the blame for targeting conservative groups seeking 501[c][4] tax status to be blamed on Washington IRS headquarters. Further by inference Jay did not want the public to believe that the administration was discriminating against conservative action groups. Not so fast!

The group files suit for freedom of information and finds e-mails clearly indicating that IRS headquarters in Washington directed the investigation of conservative group applications for 501[c][4] tax status and clearance. Whoops!

Judicalwatch, org then released a series of letters from Carl Levine Democrat Senator from Michigan demanding that the IRS investigate conservative groups seeking 501[c][4] tax status and further asking for explanations of how these conservative organizations intended to spend their funds if they were granted appropriate tax status. So much for Jay Carney’s dog whistle and of course so much for administration denial that the IRS scandal did not originate in Washington.

Meanwhile President Obama said in an interview with Fox’s Bill Riley that there was “not a smidgen of corruption in the so called IRS scandal.” Double Whoops!

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