The May 24-30th issue of

The Economist has an article about Narendra Modi the new leader of India’s 1.237 billion people. It poses a lot of problems for Modi and highlights why those problems exist. With over 1.2 billion people to govern it is no wonder that there are problems but as I said the article touches on why and in the explanation there is a lesson for President Obama.

According to The Economist India had every chance to match or even exceed China in economic growth but it is falling well short, the reason is government. Indian bureaucracy, socialist past and welfare programs have made the quest for economic growth very difficult.

I do not mean that President Obama has the exact same problems as Mr. Modi, President Obama only has 320 million people to govern, no caste system or real colonial history. What our president can do is learn that run away bureaucracy, socialist leanings, and unending welfare programs will hurt our economic growth and our position in the world power structure.

Mr. Modi has a tough fight ahead of him but President Obama has had five and a half years to implement “hope and change” and two of those years he had control of both the house and senate. I urge President Obama to redirect his remaining two and one half years to achieving economic stability for our country and follow a course of good old fashion team work to deal with immigration, terrorism, economic growth and a stable foreign policy.

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