India, France and the United States of America

This last week I wrote a brief article on the new leadership in India and the reasons the 1.27 billion citizens of India were shifting to a government more intent on economic recovery than welfare programs. I suggest President Obama could learn a thing or two from the situation in India. My liberal friends took issue with me contending that the poor in India would suffer without welfare programs and I countered that they are already suffering with welfare programs.

I’ve tried to make the point over the last three years that welfare driven states fail. I point out that government after government is moving into a policy driven by growth issues.

When the French voted in a liberal/socialist leadership two years ago I warned that the plan would not work. I acknowledged that the welfare leaning citizens of France held out hope for a plan that would drive rich people from France and tax the middle class into poverty but still take care of the vast majority of French citizens. It didn’t work.

Today France’s socialist president is reeling from a record electoral victory by the far right. Guess what, the socialist president is pledging tax cuts and spending cuts, something he
Swore he would never do.

Wake up liberal democrats; if President Obama and the democrats are so enamored with the “European” way of doing things then recognize it isn’t working, just like the citizens of Europe are doing by voting in conservatives.

French President Francois Hollande in a televised speech to his nation on Monday night said “the results [of the election] was painful and an embarrassment for France the founding nation of the European Union.” President Obama, get the message and ovoid having to go on TV after this falls election and acknowledging we are off course with your parties programs.

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