Serious Stuff

I have watched a pattern in employment for the last ten years. It is something that most of you will simply say, yes and so what? I think we need to go deeper on the cause and affect of the recruiting and hiring procedures in the business world today.

Let me start with the obvious fact; there are more qualified people looking for jobs/careers than there are jobs. This fact alone puts the business and recruiting services in a leveraged position.

As businesses cut overhead and streamline their workload they have changed the routine for applications for work by “filtering” the recruitment process through the Internet. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this streamlining process. However there are subtle changes in the “process” that are both unfair and bad for the people applying for a job and the businesses seeking to fill important positions in their respective companies.

The changes are pretty simple and self evident, young and frequently inexperienced people are populating “human resources.” 1. These young people work very hard at not being available via phone or in person to candidates who have faithfully followed the rules or regulations filing on line for positions open or those that might be open in the near future. 2. The young people in control of and responsible for responding to these applications in the majority of cases will not take the time to respond to the applicants, even to say they won’t be hired. It is a breach of good business ethics. 3. Social media organizations offer jobs available and then propose the potential candidates pay a fee for “extra special” positions available. In many if not most of the offerings from social media there is no response to a candidates applications.

The bottom line is that candidates give up filing complicated applications after forty or fifty submissions with no responses. This week one of the stats about employment released from the government was that 800,000 people have dropped out the work force. I believe that the human resources hiding behind the computer/Internet submissions of job applications and failure to communicate back to job applicants is the number one reason these people have dropped out. Secondarily I believe the social media sites touting jobs as they claim, “would fit you well” are misleading and they too follow the route of human resources and don’t respond to legitimate applicants.

Finally I must say I do not see a change in the process, it is not likely there will be a change in the need for human workers in the foreseeable future, I can only hope top management of American companies will recognized that the people they insult with tacky recruiting procedures are also their costumers and they will change their policies and treat our citizens applying for jobs as human beings.