One Cross

As I watched today’s TV coverage of the celebration of D-day I was almost overwhelmed, mesmerized if you will by the thousands of crosses in the graveyards surrounding Normandy France. I’m certain that millions of other Americans joined me in that feeling of sadness and pride for the men who defended our freedom that day and in many more battles to come. There is however a danger in emercing ones self in the unending row of crosses and that is what these men sacrificed as individuals.

In my mind it is more appropriate to concentrate on one cross and remind myself of the sacrifice each individual made during the invasion of Normandy and subsequent battles both won and lost.

When you think of one cross you think of limbs lost, wounds that affect the soldiers family and the rest of his life and of course death, the ultimate commitment to ones country.

I ask you when you see the newsreel pictures, the individual photos and hear the recounting of battles lost and won that you think of those events in the context of individual experiences. Think of each individual’s commitment to our country’s way of life, a country best described by others around the world as; the leader of the free world.

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