Military Advisors

A few months ago I lost a friend and business associate Ray Shonbak to cancer. I first met Raymond when I recruited him from a TV station in Portland Maine to work in local sales at the GE TV station in Denver then called KOA-TV. Ray was a gentlemen and a man of some courage that I believe began when he was a “military advisor” in Vietnam.

Ray told me that while the advisors were not to be armed they in fact were armed. He also told me they were supposed to train the South Vietnam soldiers but they were actually recruiting twelve man assassination teams among the South Vietnamese. Once the title of advisor was dropped and we had a large number of troops into Vietnam and he could officially be armed he continued with the kill teams. One story that totally surprised me was when Raymond said he was sent to South Korean jails to recruit murders and rapist to serve in his Vietnam kill teams for a limited number of months in exchange for their freedom, return to Korea and wiping clean their criminal records. He was also under direction to make certain the Koreans serving in his kill teams did not make it through the prescribed number of months they needed in order to return to their country. Raymond never lied to me in the many years I counted him as a friend and business associate so I believe he actually did his job with his kill teams.

Raymond was recruited by mercenary organizations after being wounded twice in Vietnam and returning to the U.S. completing his second tour of duty. Instead he went to university, graduated and became very successful.

My opinion is that military advisors in Iraqi will start with 300 offering a chance for kidnapping, paying ransom and beheadings. I also believe 300 will become thousands.

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