Last week the President informed the congress he was going to ask for a half a billion dollars to “train and provide weapons to rebels in Syria when they have been vetted and determined to be friendly to the U.S.” My question is based on millions spent to train Iraq soldiers and provide them with our latest equipment and then have those same soldiers rip their uniforms off and dropped their weapons as they ran from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria soldiers makes us think this mercenary plan will work? What makes President Obama think we have the talent and experience in our military and intelligence organizations to determine potential rebel fighters in Syria that won’t find them following the same path of the Iraq soldiers by taking the training and the weapons and then turning on us?

The rationale is pretty clear, the President of the United States would prefer to turn over our foreign policy decisions to “mercenaries” and hope we as a country can avoid taking actions as a leader in the world. I guess if we are incorrect in our vetting of the Syrian rebels and they turn on us we can next go to the French Foreign Legion to acquire people to fight our foreign policy battles. Come to think of it the Foreign Legion would probably have been a better first step with mercenaries.

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