Mainstream media crys foul!

The mainstream media is outraged by the announcement today that Sarah Palin is going to join the democrat party. Off the record comments from major TV networks, certain cable serevices, liberal publishing outlets and blogger management are crying foul saying they collectively have spent seven years positioning Sarah Palin as an extreme right wing polarizing figure representing everything the liberals hate about the conservative political movement.

One unnamed publisher speculated on John McCain being elected and then God forbid dieing in office making Sarah Palin president? As president she is after all uneducated [no Ivy league school] right to lifer, anti-Sharia law, pro-drone attacks on ISIS and Al-Qaeda and supporting Scandinavian efforts to stop muslin immigrants from coming into their countries and imposing Sharia law. Further the east coast elitist say she can’t hold a candle to John Kerry and Teresa Heinz as intelligential leaders and of course the truly sophisticated countries like Italy, France, Greece, Spain still attempting to impose a socialist government on their people would not accept a dime of foreign aid from someone as unsophisticated as Sarah Palin particularly because she would demand value in kind. She would send the National Guard to the southern borders of our country and not allow one illegal immigrant from Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico to enter this country. She would have the NSA redirect their investigation into applications for immigration seeking engineers, scientist, and mathematicians and rejecting those with masters in physiology or other non-productive degrees. She would have a work permit program for foreign laborers that tracked these laborers in and out of the country. Finally within the walls of publishing houses and broadcast networks editor boards point out that they as the juggernaut of news information have put all of their efforts toward positioning Sarah as “white trash” the liberals most icky description of extreme conservatives and by inference paints all republicans as out of touch with reality, politically extremist. Worse, rumor has it that Al Sharpton is going to endorse Sarah to join the democrat party. Apparently he can’t find a way to make money by trying to stop the black on black violence in Chicago and hopes the move of Palin to the democrat party would take the headlines off of the record black on black deaths in Chicago, the model of a democrat city.

No, no, no! The mainstream media is formally announcing they will not accept Sarah Palin into the democrat party. The democrats must reject her request or risk losing all the efforts the mainstream media has made to assure the liberal agenda dominates the government of this country.

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