Do you remember September 2013?

In September 2013 I wrote a series of articles about what appeared to be the major weaknesses in the ACA. I stopped those articles in November 2013 and stated that I would withhold further judgment on the ACA until the results were in on the sign ups and the first blush of costs of the services being offered in 2014.

Today everyone knows the problems with the sign ups and the confusion surrounding the imposition of actual rules, court rulings and state-by-state participation.

Friday July 25, 2014 an “Associated Press”article noted in a non-front page story that the administration has changed the penalty for failure to Participate in the ACA plan. It was $95 for the first year or, and this is an important fact 1% of your annual household income! Well now the government has changed its mind again and they will charge you $2,448 for each person in your family or $12,240 for a family of five! These are no longer theoretical regulations they will actually be due when non-participates of the ACA file their 2014 taxes.

Additionally the administration has ruled that the uninsured will owe 1/12 of the annual payment for each month they or their dependents don’t have either coverage or an exemption according to the IRS. Yes the IRS with even more power.

These are actual changes occurring today and they portent more and larger penalties in the future. Interestingly the penalties are scheduled to double in 2016, the last year of Obama’s reign as President and creator of Obamacare, probably the biggest single cost imposed on the average citizen in the history of this government.

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