David Gregory is not the problem for NBC

The announcement that David Gregory is stepping down from “Meet the Press” infers that the dramatic ratings drop and programs problems can be corrected by this somewhat simple act. The fact is that while David was a problem he is not the major issue with the program. Was David hard to deal with, yes? One source said, “There is a tense atmosphere at ‘Meet the Press.’ Gregory is dismissive of the staff, and is often hard to reach or approach.
“He is famously the only host on Sunday morning TV who won’t pick up the phone to seal the deal to get a big guest. There’s nobody else on TV, and certainly on Sunday mornings, who thinks they are too important to do that. It is tough on the producers.”* Having acknowledged some of David’s shortcomings the real problem is in the myriad of executive producers, senior producers and line producers that affect the show “Meet the Press.”

Senior Executive Producer Betsy Fischer Martin was the “head” of production for “Meet the Press” and is now the head of all NBC news programs. Her replacement is Rob Yarin who among other credits was producer of “Hard Ball with Chris Matthews” on MSNBC a clearly over the edge left wing rant against conservatives and as Chris said when President Obama was elected he felt “a ting down his leg of excitement.” Now the new senior producer is Tom Lumley formerly of Al.Jazeera. Chris Donovan former producer of “Meet the Press” has moved to ABC and GMA as a producer. The purpose of referencing all of these various level producers is to make the point that it isn’t David Gregory alone but more importantly it is the producers who select the panel guests who are liberal or very left leaning and out number the conservative voices on the panel by a four to one ratio. The producers are also in charge of the direction of the show on a broader basis. There is no question that direction of the show has almost always been for gun control, a free pass for immigration, pro Obama administration decisions, liberal leaning on race issues, anti-Tea Party, conservative bashing, bigger federal government……..well you get the idea.

Do I think the policies of the show will change with Chuck Todd, not likely. Remember the producer Rob Yarin was producer of “Hard Ball with Chris Matthews” on MSNBC and Chuck Todd with his appearances on MSNBC and his quest shots on “Meet the Press” has demonstrated his liberal bias. If you need more proof read his book. In “THE STRANGER”, Chuck Todd draws upon his unprecedented inner-circle sources to create a gripping account of Obama’s White House tenure, from the early days of drift and helplessness to a final stand against the GOP in which an Obama, at last liberated from his political future, finally triumphs.*

Can we expect a more balanced reporting and questioning on “Meet the Press” with Chuck Todd, absolutely not! It won’t occur until top management of NBC, that’s not the news departments but top management of Comcast and NBC Universal change the direction of news coverage.

· Google search on David Gregory
· Google search on Chuck Todd

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