A message for the future

On July 1, 1997 Great Britain turned over to China the port of Hong Kong among much fear that China leadership would inevitably turn the governing of Hong Kong into a communist administration.

Well here it is seventeen years later and China has announced what many feared, a restructuring of Hong Kong. William Wan wrote quote: China’s parliament decided Sunday against letting Hong Kong voters nominate candidates for the 2017 election, despite growing agitation for democratic reform.
The move is likely to spark long-promised protests in Hong Kong’s business district, as activists began planning and mobilizing within hours of the announcement.
The decision by China’s National People’s Congress essentially allows Communist leaders to weed out any candidates not loyal to Beijing.
“It’s not unexpected, but it is still infuriating,” said legislator Emily Lau, chairwoman of the Democratic Party. “This is not what Beijing promised. They’ve lied to the people of Hong Kong. And it’s clear we are dealing with an authoritarian regime.”
In the midst of the other crisis’s the U.S. faces on the international front this change in Hong Kong government occurring 2017 may seem small but it isn’t. It demonstrates the mind set of the Chinese government and patience they are willing to practice until they can impose their ultimate plans for Chinese leadership throughout the world.

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