Let’s get it straight

We have all heard the reference to our country as the “melting pot” of the world. However recently some pundits and newscasters are saying our forefathers created this country to be the melting pot of the world. Wrong!

All of the people that came here, English, Scandinavians, Germans, Italians came here for opportunities in a land of natural resources with no rules other than the moral guidance that was part of their cultural heritage. When they arrived they gravitated to people with their same heritage, cultural practices and religious background. They did not want to “melt” into a homogenous group but they were forced to interact by necessity. They needed the talents of each other, woodworking, brick laying, knowledge of machinery; educational programs all played a role in forcing people of diverse backgrounds to work together.

The point is that there was no morally driven effort by the founding fathers in the Declaration of Independents, Constitution or Bill of Rights that said we want to be the country known as the melting pot of the world. I repeat the results were because of the natural resources of this country, the freedom to operate with a minimum of rules and the willingness of individuals to work hard and interact with other people of different cultures to grow and prosper.

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