in the midst of the ISIS debate

For over a year I’ve written numerous articles about the problems with the ACA and its implementation. I also warned that the renewal process for 2015 coverage would be expensive and complicated. Well we are in the middle of the renewal process for the ACA and it is expensive and can be complex.

I could spell out the muddled aspects of the renewal process and even speculate on the new higher cost of the health service but what I’ve found is that most people simply don’t care to spend time or brain power understanding the ACA and the implications to themselves and their families. Given this passive attitude I’ve chosen to just give your reference points and hope you will understand that if you have the ACA service or you didn’t purchase it in 2014 and you are subject to financial penalties you should study these changes carefully.

On September 15, 2014 Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar of the Associated Press wrote a story titiled “ACA’s second year comes with new hurdles.” Five points that he made were 1. There will be sticker shock for 8 million signed up for automatic renew 2. An additional 5 million will sign up for on the website with half the time they had to sign up for 2014, 3.Tax credits are tied to income which has been reported incorrectly in several million cases. 4. Ten million who were eligible for the ACA remain uninsured and face tax penalties.

On September 16, 2014 Tony Pugh, Washington Bureau for the Star-Telegram wroth that “Thousands may Lose ACA polices.”

Please care enough about yourself and your family to investigate these stories and see what you can and cannot do to stabilize your health care services.

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