Midst the announcement today of air strikes on Syria

In a very short article by The New York Time titled “Air strikes haven’t loosened grip of ISIS in Iraq”, they question the effect of those air strikes. They say it is clear that ISIS’s march toward Baghdad has been stalled however Iraq is still dealing with the “humiliating blows to the Iraqi army.” The article goes on to say that the Iraqi army “has lost control of the small town of Sichar and contact with several hundred of its soldiers” and “hundreds of soldiers have been killed in battle or mass executions.”

We have wondered why the reports from the administration of 167 air strikes over the last two weeks in Iraq weren’t accompanied by specific damage reports. The reason the omission is important is because there are real questions about whether the air strikes now occurring in Syria without accompanying “boots on the ground” will be effective. I believe our citizens are willing to give the administration the benefit of the doubt on air strikes but eventually they will have to report actual damage done to ISIS, witness the poor performance in Iraq.

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