The porridge was just right

Goldilocks tried the three bowls of porridge, one was too hot, another too cold and the third was just right. It might be a good analogy for the battle between the left and right in today’s discussion of big government verses small government.

The turmoil in the press and around the water cooler about the Ebola issue and the ISIS threat and the government’s role in dealing with these two issues is fraught with emotion.

On the left pundits are saying that conservatives are two-faced because they say they are for small federal government yet they are expecting Herculean efforts by the feds to stop the Ebola threat and strong military action in the federal governments commitment to “stop and eventually destroy” the Islamic terrorist group ISIS.

The conservatives cry foul saying that the liberal elites are saying the federal government can’t possibly do what they need to do with ISIS and Ebola and the many other national issues on the administrations plate without more money. The conservative’s contention is that all federal projects cost more money and require even greater invasion of the public’s civil rights.

The truth is that both sides have somewhat valid arguments. Of course the conservatives are in favor of a small federal government and less invasion of the public’s private information. On the other hand the public and the conservative elements of our political system correctly expect the federal government to handle issues of a national nature that could affect huge segments of the population.

Liberals are also affected by the fact that our national administration has been less than forth coming with the truth on issues that have been recently published. For example when a member of the White House advance team visiting Columbia prior to a speech by our President was accused of hiring a prostitute. The White House apparently pulled out all the stops to prevent the press from covering the prostitution story because the 2012 election were about to occur and they didn’t want scandal in the papers at that moment in time.

On another front the CDC said in every interview and in press releases that Ebola was not a threat to the U.S. Public and protocols were in place to prevent the spread of the disease that is until today when we now know that this fine government agency didn’t have the correct protocols in place.

There are of course other recent examples of the administration’s failure to level with citizens of this country and that may explain Obama’s recent poll showing the public’s faith in his foreign policy at 32%. However I don’t believe the blame game is appropriate here.

What we need is clear understanding of what both liberals and conservatives want and need if our federal government is to function, something I think both sides would agree isn’t happening now.

In its’ simplest terms the public wants the federal government to keep it safe from ISIS and similar terrorist groups and prevent plagues like Ebola to sweep through the country. They also want the government to stay out of their e-mails, phone messages and medical files. Now the trick is to follow the law and at the same time ferret out the Islamic terrorist, track the communicable diseases and most of all have the administration level with us when it doesn’t prevent the feds from doing their job. Should be a snap. Then the political porridge, just like in the fable would be just right.

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