Did you ever read “Kinesen” by Swedish author Henning Mankell?

Kinesen is Swedish for Chinaman. The book in translation to English is “The Man from Beijing.” I’m not trying to tout this mystery novel from seven years ago but rather part of the premise of the story that is described in one review as “China’s recent chicanery in Africa, where the energy-hungry nation is exploiting a trove of natural resources.”

My point is that seven years ago when this novel was written the author, an experienced world traveler recognized China’s financial invasion of Africa with the objective of garnering large plots of land for growing food, crucial to the survival of an ever-growing population. The difference today is reports indicate while China is still quietly acquiring land in Africa they are moving their own citizens to that land to tend and grow food supplies.

My point in this message is that with 1,367,420,000 people and growing [only rivaled in growth by India] land is extremely important to China and that means locations such as Africa is more important to the entire world that ever before. The same can be said for South America where China is leading the way in stripping mineral resources and that is our next-door neighbor in the purest sense. What are we doing to protect the future interest of our citizens? What I see is that we are doing very little to protect our country’s interest in Africa and particularly in South America.

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