Seating their position

The PPP has been using certain phrases and prognostications to set the tone and interpretation of the November 4 elections. Here are a couple of examples of efforts by the PPP to seat public perception of what actually happens because of the election results.

“We should remember that in the past, two term presidents have experienced low approval numbers in the mid-term elections of their second term so this election is not a referendum on Obama’s performance and the mid-term results will not be a reflection on Obama’s legacy as President of the United States.” If the PPP seats this idea and the democrats lose the race for control of the senate theoretically it will not hurt the Obama image nor position him as a lam duck president for his remaining two years in office. Of course if the republicans sweep the senate races nothing will lessen the impact on Obama’s legacy.

“The performance by the administration in running the economy has been better than they are given credit for. Unemployment is down, the stock market is up, and inflation is under control, the eco system is greatly improved, aggressive education programs are in place and gas and oil harvesting is at all time high.” If the senate race is more even or possibly the democrats retain the control the PPP will point to the “performance” statement as proof that the party’s contention that things are being perceived as better than the conservative press have pictured the economy is correct. In any case this statement will be used by the PPP for seating the party’s position in the 2016 presidential race no matter which person the party selects to be its candidate.

“The senate and in some cases governor races are very close, too close to call.” This is an attempt to make the point that there is no republican wave or sweep of the elections. PPP wants to send the message that the nation is still very much split ideologically and that the large number of polls that indicate we are not on a positive track are not truly representative of the public’s feelings.

“The democrats expertise in getting out the vote will be put to the test this time and it is clear that the republicans are attempting to copy the democrat party’s methodology.” This is an effort by the PPP to give hope to the loyal party members and at the same time send the signal to work with the special interests groups to intensify their get out the vote efforts. The party is concerned that the Black vote is apathetic when Obama is not on the ballot and the Hispanic vote is suspect because the president didn’t deliver on the implied immigration promises. If the republicans have a successful mid-term election the democrats will be able to point to the “ground game” as having failed the party. The point is the losses will not be the result of a poor performance by the administration for five and a half years, the deeply unpopular Obamacare, nor will the IRS, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, ISIS strategy, Ebola scandals be identified as the cause for the loses in the 2014 mid-term elections.

The PPP believes that if they are successful in repeating these simple concepts; Obama’s poll results are “traditional” for two term presidents in their second mid-term elections, races are too close to call so there is a ideological split that belays a sweep by republicans and finally the ground game failure will serve as an excuse for a loss without a reflection on Obama’s performance or acceptance by the voting public. And the PPP is of course the mainstream press, the liberal pundits and liberal politicians.

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