If the Americans want to be better governed

I frequently quote from “The Economist” on political matters or governing issues for our country. As you might expect the magazine had a lot to say about the mid-term elections, just as l reporters, bogglers and politicians did. Of the many pages dedicated to fact and opinion about the affect of the mid-term victory by the conservatives one statement struck me as a simple fact; If American’s want to be better governed-which is what they voted for this [last] week-they need to change the way they elect their leaders. *

Among other observations in “The Economist” was “Mr. Obama cannot escape the humiliating verdict on his Presidency.” The magazine goes on to observe that the out come of the election was a mandate for moderation.

Our observation is that the way the conservatives under the umbrella of the Republican Party can achieve a successful governing mode is to put forward bills created in the House of Representatives with some democrat party support to the senate and the senate in turn passes amended bills to the President for signature.

The conservatives should not pursue impeachment proceedings against the President, they should not attempt to repeal Obamacare but rather use the purse strings to curtail parts of the law that they see as in conflict with the public’s wishes. It is possible that the United States Supreme Court may make changes in Obamacare next June that will do more than anything a Republican control congress can do.

Importantly the Republicans must keep the American public informed on all the bills they are trying o pass. If and when the President refuses to sign a particular bill the leaders of Republican party in both houses must make a full course press to the public to show why these bills that are being rejected by the President are good for jobs, freedom and the country.

I know it sounds simple because it is a simple but I believe it is a potentially effective plan for reestablishing the conservative controlled congress as a solid and effective governing body.

*The Economist November 8th-14th 2014 issue.

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