He is an Ivy League grad, an MIT professor and one of the key architects of the “Afford Care Act” better known today as Obamacare. In the last four days three separate videos show this man, Jonathan Gruber has said that the administration had to dupe the public regarding who is paying for the costs of paying for Obamacare. If you doubt the claims that have been made about professor Gruber’s statement you can access them on Youtube, Fox News Network or MSNBC but you won’t find this story on the traditional news network shows. Why?

My theory is that the mainstream media is very supportive of the ACA and its author Barack Obama. The media doesn’t want to draw attention to the fact that one of the key architects of the ACA said repeatedly that the authors of this major law duped the American voters. In one of the videos Professor Gruber said that then Senator John Kerry made the helpful suggestion that the authors refer to the funding of the law as a tax on insurance companies rather than on the health care plan/the public. Professor Gruber said that they could not have passed the law except for the fact that the public was dumb enough to buy the premise. MSNBC did cover the story briefly with and interview with Professor Gruber in which he stated that the first video release was a “slip of the tongue” but that was belied by two more videos released where the professor was speaking at a conference/public meeting and repeated his contention that the American public needed to be ignorant of the facts about Obamacare or they would never have agreed to the law being passed.

Is this what we expect from independent media news sources, I think not but it is what we are going to get from a left leaning news sources.

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