Do you really believe it?

How many of the five million people granted some level of immigration immunity tonight by President Obama would actually register with the federal government to receive the advantages of quasi citizenship?

Let’s see, they must register their personal information including the number of children and their names, then pay back taxes, pass criminal background checks, notify the federal government when they move and where they move and provide proof of employment. Or would they rather stay off the federal government radar, work for tax free dollars, allow them to help relatives to cross the borders illegally and live and/or move from one state to another as their whim moves them. They would be secure in the knowledge that they will be able to receive health, education and welfare benefits in many of the states even though the President will claim they will not receive federal benefits such as health services.

Of course the small percentage that do sign up for amnesty will represent a political activists group that in six years will become a target for liberal politicians. Democrats Chuck Schumer and Dick Durban running for President in 2020 will insist that even though those who fall under the Presidential Executive action were only granted quasi-permanent residents it is unfair to prevent them from voting in federal elections. Why you ask, because it would be discrimination against people based on race, religion or other such claims. What do you believe will happen?

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