Look before you leap

During this Sunday’s morning show “Meet the Press” a spirited debate was carried on between former New York mayor Giuliani, a lawyer for the Michael Brown family and a black professor from Georgetown University regarding the actions or inactions of the grand Jury consideration prosecution of a Ferguson police officer for shooting and killing Michael Brown. Rudy Giuliani pointed out that he didn’t understand why the panel wasn’t talking about the fact that blacks kill 93% of all blacks and in the case of the Ferguson shooting it was the exception not the rule. A near riot broke out with the professor from Georgetown and the Brown family attorney Hysterically saying the comparisons are unfair and by inference racist. Not so fast!

Have we already forgotten Detroit Michigan? Over the years the city became primarily a city of black citizens [85%] and the elected offices and administrative offices became populated by black and mixed race individuals. The results were corruption on a magnitude not experienced before with the most recent black mayor in federal prison for bribery, fraud and other crimes against the citizens of the city of Detroit. It caused the state to have toke over the education budget and program because of bickering and abuse of city funds. Black police chiefs forced to resign or imprisoned for taking bribes and finally the largest city bankruptcy in this country of billions of dollars. It’s not that blacks are corrupt, it is that the opportunity for stealing is easiest when there is no “loyal opposition” to create checks and balances essential for good honest government.

So before you decide the answer is to vote special interest into power in your city whether it is racial, religious or other special interest groups remember Detroit and look before you leap.

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