With the decision not to indicted police officer Wilson supporters of the contention that Michael Brown was an innocent victim of white police brutality are saying there must be skullduggery occurring in the grand jury decision aided by city, county and state officials. The one thing that seems clear is that after supporters of the “rascal prejudice” theory examine the forensic evidence they will have to reluctantly come to the conclusion that Michael Brown with his blood on the police officers, gun, clothes, outside and inside driver’s side door was the aggressor. Further when Michael was shot in the finger he withdrew his two hundred ninety pound body from the window of the police car and started walking or running down the street. The doubters will have to acknowledge [to themselves not the media] that Michael turned around when the police officer warned he was going to shoot and moved toward officer Wilson and the policeman shot at Michael until he fell dead.

There is no good thing that can come from a person’s death even when the shooting victim is the clear aggressor but the facts are the facts.

The other conclusion is that we have a major race problem in this country, somewhat mollified over the last six decades by laws on the books and monitoring by associations of African Americans to make certain communities meet the letter of the law. Now you can add another issue to the minority community. It is best explained by the Reverend Al Sharptons observation last week that with the growth of the Hispanic community in this country the African American is going to become a “second class” minority with less influence in the government at all levels but especially the federal government.

It is a conundrum that leaders of the religious, political and U.S. citizenry must find a way to address. My advice is we keep our cool and try to work through the problems considering the facts and what we can do from a practical standpoint. It is also my counsel to those who view the Michael Brown case with a jaundiced eye. Look at the facts Michael was in the wrong.

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