Just suppose

Just suppose Hillary Clinton wins the democrat party’s nomination for President of the United States and then wins the election?

I don’t think her election would be that bad for conservatives or that good for liberals. Hillary is wired to Wall Street bankers and while she may appoint Elizabeth Warren on some task force to close the door on some banking practices that the left find offensive she won’t agree to any legislation that will actually change basic practices.

I don’t believe Hilary ever believed in the non-foreign policy of Obama. I believe she used her role as Secretary of State to further her personal world presence. She certainly does believe in a big stick foreign policy and she is not averse to using military forces if it is necessary to enforce policy. She knows that a powerful U.S. President makes negotiations better with everyone from the generals in Myanmar to Putin.

Environmental issues are a bit more complex, she knows the voting public is less concerned with wind and sun power than the tree huggers but she will probably be inclined to make a show of some legislation to sooth the savage beast of the greenies, but again not go too far. She will “reluctantly” agree to the Keystone pipeline but encourage further fracking to enlarge the country’s role in energy.

Immigration is a tough one, not for me but for Hillary. She will want her second term so she has a dilemma in how far she can go supporting the immigration executive actions Obama has taken. She will probably cultivate a debate inside the Republican Party about the immigration issue and let them bloody their party with foolish statements settling on some middle ground that makes her appears as the great arbitrator.

The economy of course will continue to be the biggest issue, even in 2016 despite the rosy picture the mainstream media’s paints in its attempt to “save” the Obama’s legacy. The facts are the middleclass is a victim of the global economy, unprecedented technological advances and misdirected education programs created by the Obama group. Obama’s education programs emphasized social engineering rather than technological classes to address new global challenges. Remember the famous advise to Bill Clinton, “ it’s the economy stupid!”

Obamacare is now a great opportunity for Hillary. Hillary has always been in favor of universal health care and with the help of the Republican Party chipping away at Obamacare she will be able to maneuver the changes the Republicans are seeking into her own universal health care program. Remember her goal left over from her brief and unsuccessful attempt as first lady to put her health care program in place.

Race is an issue and has been for several decades despite the laws that have been passed and the best efforts of people like Holder and Obama to force acceptance of African Americans in mainstream society during the Obama administrations tenure. Hillary has a leg up because of her husband and her own clear nurturing of the black community as a voting block. Further she will have the advantage of not being a black president and being seen as Obama is as “one of them” by a segment of the white population. She should be able to navigate this issue successfully.

ISIS’s and terrorist in general will vex Hillary and her administration. She will continue to use drone strikes despite her liberal members objections. She won’t own up to continuing use of drones during the election race but will in the final analysis agree to using them [once she is elected] to fight terrorism. ISISand terrorism will not go away and probably will be a major issue through both of Hillary’s terms as president.

Bill Clinton, who knows what he will bring to the party but he will be an issue. The Republicans probably hope he will commit a personal indiscretion but it won’t hurt Hillary’s presidency, just create further sympathy for the first “woman president.”

My conclusion is Hillary will make generally conservative decisions as president and succeed in her quest for a second term. What do you think?

Cat sounds

I woke up yesterday morning as I usually do with a single light touch of my cat’s Leroy’s paw, A little background, Leroy adopted us about four years ago and he is definitely a “outdoor” cat that likes to sleep with us at night and then start his day early, usually between four thirty and five thirty a.m. So his gentle touch to wake me in the morning is followed as it was yesterday by me struggling to get up, find my slippers and robe and of course my glasses. By the time I’ve made my obligatory visit to the bathroom I’m finding my way down the hallway in the dark hoping I won’t step on the cat and at the same time moving quickly to get Leroy his food and then open the door so he can “escape” To morning freedom. Normally as I walk to the kitchen to feed Leroy I ask some inane question of Leroy like; are you hungry this morning? Well when I went to ask the question I only gargled making a strange sound, well like a cat’s meow. I cleared my throat and proceed to do my chores and once again I tried to talk to Leroy and could only make a garbled sound that once again sounded in some fashion like a cat! I walked into the bedroom to tell my significant other that I had congestion in my throat and couldn’t speak normally and all that came out was my cat’s angry or maybe frustrated growl. My significant other was just awake [and not too happy about it] and asked what I had said. I tried again only to make the same frustrated cat noises. I realized that I wasn’t making any headway in talking so I grabbed a yellow pad and wrote down my problem, I can’t speak, only making cat like sounds. My significant other suggested I gargle with one of her saltwater concoctions but that didn’t work either. Then she suggested we call the doctor but it was eight o’clock in the morning and the doctor’s office wasn’t open yet. Meanwhile I made coffee and quickly learned to use the yellow pad to communicate with my lady. Leroy just stared at me with those bright eyes and did not to seem to understand any sounds I was making. I cannot say the number of times I went to talk and just came out with a variance of cat sounds.

Well off we went to the doctor and after every exam the staff could think of they arrived at the conclusion that I needed to see a throat specialist, duh! Of course I couldn’t go directly to the recommended doctor because I needed an appointment that turned out to be this morning. Meanwhile my lady needed to go to work and I was left alone with Leroy and the errands of the day. I must admit I was tried over and over again because I kept forgetting that I couldn’t speak. For example I needed to pick up some ice and fruit and when I went through the check out at Kroger’s I started to say thank you and all that came out was a meow. The checkout clerk thought I was making fun of her and since I couldn’t talk I couldn’t explain that I had this condition so I quickly wrote an explanation that of course she would not or could not believe. There were a couple of more incidents like the one with the clerk and I became angry. What was wrong with me?! I tried singing, recording my voice, making phone calls to see if the pressure of being required to speak would get over the block but it wouldn’t work.

My significant other came home as early as she could and tried to reassure me that she loved me and we would overcome this aberration. When we had dinner the conversation was written by me and of course voice by her, still it was awkward. Finally we went to bed and I couldn’t sleep. In the morning Leroy did his routine and I did mine with the added element of me trying to talk in cat sounds to Leroy, it was not very satisfying.

My lady stayed home so she could go to the throat doctor with me and frankly I was scared of what was going to happen. When the doctor was through he said that there did not appear to be anything wrong with my throat and it might be a mental block, I was relieved and I wasn’t, mental block? What was wrong with me?!

We were both silent on the way home, me with my yellow pad and her with her voice. When I got home I was tired and since I hadn’t slept much the night before I lie down and took a nap of relief.

There was the tap of a single toenail of Leroy that woke me up. It was five thirty in the morning and Leroy wanted his meal and he wanted out, I got out of bed found my glasses, the slippers and robe and visited the bathroom for my normal routine including asking Leroy if he was hungry. I asked in plain old English and he didn’t respond as usual. I looked at the calendar on my iPhone and it was “yesterday”……..it had all been a bad dream, but so very real!

He must have been crazy

Liberal broadcasters are scrambling to distance the Michael Brown/Eric Garner protest marches organized by Al Sharpton from the assassination of two New York City policemen in Brooklyn this last Saturday.

MSNBC, my weather vane for left wing liberals is saying the murders of the two New York policemen in Brooklyn was executed by a mad man. They say there is no connection with the protest marches orchestrated by Al Sharpton. In New York the local and some national news outlets showed a march with a leader using a megaphone [probably provided by the Sharpton organization] asking the question; what do we want? and the crowd responding with; dead cops and the megaphone wielding leader saying; when? And the crowd responding with; now! Well Ismaaiyl Brinsley heard the call in Baltimore Maryland and came to Brooklyn to perform the act the protesters called for. Further he killed in the name of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. According to the protesters Brown and Garner were killed by white racist police. Of course Ismaaiyl got it a little wrong since the two dead cops he killed were Asian and Hispanic.

The other option for deflecting any responsibility for these deaths from the protests organized by Sharpton is the term “lone wolf.” This term may sound familiar because the same liberal press uses this term to describe Muslim extremist who have blown up restaurants, beheaded U.S. citizens and attacked others with hatchets all in the name of Allah. This approach allows our liberal political leaders to avoid using the phrases that would place the responsibility for these senseless deaths/attacks on Muslim religious zealots.

Finally the liberals have, in the case of the assassination of the New York police chosen to minimize the actual coverage of the event with a short tape and no reference to the protest marches and the call for police deaths by those groups, It is called “Ostrich’s head in the sand” journalism.

Middle class finances

This morning I heard an interview with a reporter from the New York Times about the status of the middle class in the United States. In essences the reporter said that the demise of the middle class started approximately forty years when the economy continued to grow and the finances of the “middle class” remained stagnant. Nothing new about the reporter’s conclusion. He also made the observation that tax breaks or tax increases wouldn’t cure the middle class’s financial woes.

The suggestion by the reporter was that the answer to the middle classes financial problems was creating jobs. I assume that sounds familiar to you as it does to me after all that is what the politicians and government officials say in almost every interview. What they don’t offer is specific jobs. Of course the administrations answer is to federally fund as many junior college students as their stimulus program will allow. The administration is also confident that the three to five year old education program will eventually benefit the middle class. The truth is that no one has a real job’s program for the middle class because the technology has made the middle class as we know it obsolete. The fact is that technologies have eliminated most of the skilled manufacturing jobs and no matter how many “retraining” programs the government funds the retrainee’s are not needed. I’m certain you could provide as many examples of technology eliminating jobs as I have, for example the Tesla manufacturing plant in California. You can’t retrain people for jobs that don’t exist to wit Tesla has total robotic manufacturing with three humans running the manufacturing process. So what is the answer for the middle class without well paying jobs?

It is very clear that the future of the global economy is directly related to our economy and that is technology and innovation. What we need is a separate school system designed for the development of new technology businesses and the people to operate them and Market those businesses. We need the best minds from Harvard, Yale, MIT [not professor Gruber] Stanford, Northwestern, etc that are brimming with off the wall ideas for the use of technologies. We need to initiate a recruiting plan from worldwide universities with the same drive we are seeking from our universities students. We need to offer them citizenship, pay these worldwide recruits top dollar just as we did with scientist we recruited to work on the space program. This will not work if the program is “incorporated” into junior colleges. The best technological teachers available must staff this program. The program should be funded one hundred percent by the government and with entrance exams that ferret out the “adult” students with the best minds for technological projects.

This might be a good time to address the question of small businesses and the middle class economy. While it is true that small business is the biggest employer of people nationwide it should be noted that they cannot succeed in business without non-business middle class types succeeding in financial growth.

Do you ever find yourself talking to the TV?

When I watch the news programs, particularly the 24/7 cable news networks I find myself talking to, trying to reason with the pundits and so called reporters on many of the outrageous statements made everyday in support of obviously partisan positions.

One thing in particular that bothers me is the issue that can go beyond liberal or conservative positions and touch deeper feelings in people based on race or religion.

Today’s conversation about race relations triggered by the “hands up don’t shoot” Ferguson event is particularly disturbing. While it is not often referenced this race debate is taking place during economic times that are bad for the middle class, the black community and the Hispanic population. This is a fact in spite of the administrations insistence that “the economy is looking up” and “the stock market is healthy.”

The current situation, bad economy and suspicion by the black community that the white community is “thinking” negative racist actions is a formula for race riots. We should all remember that because of a very bad economy Hitler was able to blame a religious/race the Jews for the problems of an entire nation. It may sound too simple but it is a fact that the net results were and could be the same in this country.

While the black community may only be 14% of our total population the sphere of influence is uniquely concentrated in big cities, particularly inner cities where the economy is very, very bad and prospects are even worse. Couple this economy with the feeling of a “racist” undercurrent and we have the formula for race wars or at the least major race confrontations that cannot be resolved by a federal committee or DOJ guidelines against profiling.

This situation calls for exceptional leadership at the executive branch of the federal government and even more importantly at the state and local level, balancing facts about the treatment of black and Hispanic citizens with the needs of the community for a stimulated economy shared by the black, Hispanic and white citizens.