Middle class finances

This morning I heard an interview with a reporter from the New York Times about the status of the middle class in the United States. In essences the reporter said that the demise of the middle class started approximately forty years when the economy continued to grow and the finances of the “middle class” remained stagnant. Nothing new about the reporter’s conclusion. He also made the observation that tax breaks or tax increases wouldn’t cure the middle class’s financial woes.

The suggestion by the reporter was that the answer to the middle classes financial problems was creating jobs. I assume that sounds familiar to you as it does to me after all that is what the politicians and government officials say in almost every interview. What they don’t offer is specific jobs. Of course the administrations answer is to federally fund as many junior college students as their stimulus program will allow. The administration is also confident that the three to five year old education program will eventually benefit the middle class. The truth is that no one has a real job’s program for the middle class because the technology has made the middle class as we know it obsolete. The fact is that technologies have eliminated most of the skilled manufacturing jobs and no matter how many “retraining” programs the government funds the retrainee’s are not needed. I’m certain you could provide as many examples of technology eliminating jobs as I have, for example the Tesla manufacturing plant in California. You can’t retrain people for jobs that don’t exist to wit Tesla has total robotic manufacturing with three humans running the manufacturing process. So what is the answer for the middle class without well paying jobs?

It is very clear that the future of the global economy is directly related to our economy and that is technology and innovation. What we need is a separate school system designed for the development of new technology businesses and the people to operate them and Market those businesses. We need the best minds from Harvard, Yale, MIT [not professor Gruber] Stanford, Northwestern, etc that are brimming with off the wall ideas for the use of technologies. We need to initiate a recruiting plan from worldwide universities with the same drive we are seeking from our universities students. We need to offer them citizenship, pay these worldwide recruits top dollar just as we did with scientist we recruited to work on the space program. This will not work if the program is “incorporated” into junior colleges. The best technological teachers available must staff this program. The program should be funded one hundred percent by the government and with entrance exams that ferret out the “adult” students with the best minds for technological projects.

This might be a good time to address the question of small businesses and the middle class economy. While it is true that small business is the biggest employer of people nationwide it should be noted that they cannot succeed in business without non-business middle class types succeeding in financial growth.

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