He must have been crazy

Liberal broadcasters are scrambling to distance the Michael Brown/Eric Garner protest marches organized by Al Sharpton from the assassination of two New York City policemen in Brooklyn this last Saturday.

MSNBC, my weather vane for left wing liberals is saying the murders of the two New York policemen in Brooklyn was executed by a mad man. They say there is no connection with the protest marches orchestrated by Al Sharpton. In New York the local and some national news outlets showed a march with a leader using a megaphone [probably provided by the Sharpton organization] asking the question; what do we want? and the crowd responding with; dead cops and the megaphone wielding leader saying; when? And the crowd responding with; now! Well Ismaaiyl Brinsley heard the call in Baltimore Maryland and came to Brooklyn to perform the act the protesters called for. Further he killed in the name of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. According to the protesters Brown and Garner were killed by white racist police. Of course Ismaaiyl got it a little wrong since the two dead cops he killed were Asian and Hispanic.

The other option for deflecting any responsibility for these deaths from the protests organized by Sharpton is the term “lone wolf.” This term may sound familiar because the same liberal press uses this term to describe Muslim extremist who have blown up restaurants, beheaded U.S. citizens and attacked others with hatchets all in the name of Allah. This approach allows our liberal political leaders to avoid using the phrases that would place the responsibility for these senseless deaths/attacks on Muslim religious zealots.

Finally the liberals have, in the case of the assassination of the New York police chosen to minimize the actual coverage of the event with a short tape and no reference to the protest marches and the call for police deaths by those groups, It is called “Ostrich’s head in the sand” journalism.

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