Just suppose

Just suppose Hillary Clinton wins the democrat party’s nomination for President of the United States and then wins the election?

I don’t think her election would be that bad for conservatives or that good for liberals. Hillary is wired to Wall Street bankers and while she may appoint Elizabeth Warren on some task force to close the door on some banking practices that the left find offensive she won’t agree to any legislation that will actually change basic practices.

I don’t believe Hilary ever believed in the non-foreign policy of Obama. I believe she used her role as Secretary of State to further her personal world presence. She certainly does believe in a big stick foreign policy and she is not averse to using military forces if it is necessary to enforce policy. She knows that a powerful U.S. President makes negotiations better with everyone from the generals in Myanmar to Putin.

Environmental issues are a bit more complex, she knows the voting public is less concerned with wind and sun power than the tree huggers but she will probably be inclined to make a show of some legislation to sooth the savage beast of the greenies, but again not go too far. She will “reluctantly” agree to the Keystone pipeline but encourage further fracking to enlarge the country’s role in energy.

Immigration is a tough one, not for me but for Hillary. She will want her second term so she has a dilemma in how far she can go supporting the immigration executive actions Obama has taken. She will probably cultivate a debate inside the Republican Party about the immigration issue and let them bloody their party with foolish statements settling on some middle ground that makes her appears as the great arbitrator.

The economy of course will continue to be the biggest issue, even in 2016 despite the rosy picture the mainstream media’s paints in its attempt to “save” the Obama’s legacy. The facts are the middleclass is a victim of the global economy, unprecedented technological advances and misdirected education programs created by the Obama group. Obama’s education programs emphasized social engineering rather than technological classes to address new global challenges. Remember the famous advise to Bill Clinton, “ it’s the economy stupid!”

Obamacare is now a great opportunity for Hillary. Hillary has always been in favor of universal health care and with the help of the Republican Party chipping away at Obamacare she will be able to maneuver the changes the Republicans are seeking into her own universal health care program. Remember her goal left over from her brief and unsuccessful attempt as first lady to put her health care program in place.

Race is an issue and has been for several decades despite the laws that have been passed and the best efforts of people like Holder and Obama to force acceptance of African Americans in mainstream society during the Obama administrations tenure. Hillary has a leg up because of her husband and her own clear nurturing of the black community as a voting block. Further she will have the advantage of not being a black president and being seen as Obama is as “one of them” by a segment of the white population. She should be able to navigate this issue successfully.

ISIS’s and terrorist in general will vex Hillary and her administration. She will continue to use drone strikes despite her liberal members objections. She won’t own up to continuing use of drones during the election race but will in the final analysis agree to using them [once she is elected] to fight terrorism. ISISand terrorism will not go away and probably will be a major issue through both of Hillary’s terms as president.

Bill Clinton, who knows what he will bring to the party but he will be an issue. The Republicans probably hope he will commit a personal indiscretion but it won’t hurt Hillary’s presidency, just create further sympathy for the first “woman president.”

My conclusion is Hillary will make generally conservative decisions as president and succeed in her quest for a second term. What do you think?

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