What’s wrong with Jerry Brown?

Recently David Lightman wrote a three-column article for the Star Telegram’s Washington bureau on the coming Clinton candidacy for President. In essence he feels Hillary will have to face the same problems Andy Griffith faced in his famous comedy routine “What it was, was football.” The piece was based on his character stumbling on a football game, something he had never seen before. His conclusion was that the purpose of the game was to run from one end of the cow pasture [football field] to the other without stepping in something or getting knocked down! I think David’s objective in writing this column was to say Hillary’s campaign has a tough road to hoe trying to be mainstream conservative and at the same time appeal to the left liberal side of the Democrat party. David references the mistakes Hillary and her staff made in the 2007 campaign plus some questions about her recent book tour. He makes reference to other potential candidates like Senator Bernie Sanders, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, Jim Webb of Virginia and finally of course Senator Elizabeth Warren. Why doesn’t he reference the man who just won re-election as a Democrat in the largest state [by population] California, Jerry Brown? Jerry has appealed to conservatives in his state as well as his liberal base. He has managed tax increases for the state while at the same time supporting social programs long the favorite of Democrat liberals. Some say he is too old [he is 70] but those who know him may consider him too liberal but never too old. Besides Hillary would be 70 when and if she were elected. Come on, at least give Jerry a consideration in the primaries.

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