The strategy

After the loss for the democrats in the 2014 congressional elections there was a brief period of reorganization by the party and the mainstream media.

The strategy arrived at by the party and fully endorsed by the media was to declare a “victory” for President Obama based on his freedom to use his power of public persuasion and the stroke of his pen to executive orders to implement what he sees as best for the public.

This strategy allowed mainstream media to trumpet Obama’s recovery and more importantly the pronouncement that his final two years in office will not be spent as a lame duck. It will also give him a chance to orchestrate with the help of the media distortions of the first six years of his presidential performance.

The facts are that his health care program was and still is deeply flawed, his economic recovery has nothing to do with his financial strategy, the energy program to reduce the use of fossil fuels and increase renewable energy ran aground in the wake of fracking, his environmental reforms fell to an agreement with China in which it turns out that he requires China to “consider” reducing green house gasses in 2030, just consider reducing them and of course his foreign policy is a farce. It is pretty clear that Obama will try to shape his image in the foreign policy area and he will need complete cooperation by the media to “write” the history, as he wants it seen. Normally this might be a tough story to sell but because the mainstream media initially endorsed Obama for President they have a stake in his “final” success and they will work hard to sell his story.

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