An Army without generals

From the January 10th-16th 2015 of “The Economist”

On page 30 there is an article assessing the premise that “If Barack Obama is not really the leader of the Democrat party, who is?”

While there is some reference to the Republicans the article is primarily about the Democrats and the future.

In the last paragraph of the article there is concluding statement regarding the future of the party. The article notes that other democrats are less sure, seeing a problem that goes beyond personnel issues. “It is a little confusing who is leading the Democratic Party right now,” says a member of Congress who hears nothing “galvanizing” from Mr. Obama, and “no energy, no excitement,” from congressional bosses. Put another way, Democrats feel leaderless because the party lacks big, compelling ideas. Someone may yet fill that void. It needs to happen soon.

I ponder the question; will the mainstream media ever ask such an important question?

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