Does your vote count?

If you are like me and I suspect most people after the election you feel you’ve had your fill of politics. For me it was rewarding to see the Republican gains in the house and senate but as I said I was tired of the ranting and raving that goes with the party that loses.

Still I couldn’t resist watching the procedures and votes that occurred in the Senate and House on C-Span. One thing that came through clearly was that with the Republicans in the house and senate setting the rules for consideration of bills and amendments and moving swiftly with their agenda. It was amusing to see Nancy Pelosi stammering and stuttering to in essence say; you can’t do that to us [the Democrats.] A diatribe against Republican intentions to deport innocent illegal immigrants or stiffing Homeland Security that will protect us against “terrorist” followed this bluster by Nancy Pelosi.

On the news front the liberal press does not spend much time on the votes that are occurring but rather dwells on the split they believe is happening in the Republican Party. The liberal press sites twenty-five [mostly unnamed] conservatives forming a study group to oppose Republican leadership for being too “liberal” in its treatment of the President and Democrat issues before the congress.

I invite you to listen and watch C-Span and watch the quality of speaking from both houses. Some individuals are outstanding and some are barely able to speak. This observation applies to both parties.

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