Do you sometimes just shake your head?

President Obama believes in his foreign policy and domestic programs. With twenty some months left in his term as president of this country he feels free to embrace and endorse approaches that might have been political suicide in the past. Witness a statement from a key advisor to Obama, David Axelrod. In his new book David references the fact that Obama believed in 2007 same sex marriage was correct and should be the law of the land but he knew that politically it would be a suicide move and so he took the more expedient approach of saying he was in favor of marriage only between a man and a woman. Now as he looks down the short road to the end of his term in office he feels free to say same sex marriage is correct and should be legal and most people believe he means it.

Obama feels free now to use his executive order to advance his immigration plan that is to give status to as many of the “illegal” aliens in this country as is possible.

The President is directing the DOJ to search out any discrimination in policing policies any voting laws that in particular center on poor people of black heritage. It is almost assured that his current nominee to replace Eric Holder as director of the DOJ will carry his policies forward, possibly at the expensive of other issues more relevant to the country’s needs and concerns.

The Presidents determination not to refer to the current beheadings, burnings, etc as Muslim terrorist or in any way related to the Muslim religion is clear. He is risking his support from Christian backers for example the Obama administration refers to the death of twenty-one Christian’s beheadings last week as “the death of twenty one Egyptian citizens.” Days later Obama issued a statement regarding three young people shot to death at the North Carolina State campus saying that in essence no one should be killed because of their religious beliefs. The difference was that the three killed at NC State were Muslim. Of course there is no proof at this point that the killing was anything other that a stupid man who says he shot these three because of a parking spot issue. The President chose to make it a Muslim issue but not to reference the beheadings of twenty-one Egyptians who were Christians as a religious issue even though ISIS announced the fact that these Christians were killed because they were Christians.

Education is a corner stone of Obama’s policies and since he is no longer required to run for office he is offering up free Junior College for two years. There is no proof that Obama’s efforts to fund junior college programs in the past resulted in any kind of success for the students or the country. Obama is also seeking additional funds for the Common Core program that smack of federal government control of state education programs. He may or may not be stopped by the congress but in any case he faces great difficulty in funding these programs now that he is a lame duck in a Republican controlled congress.

Obama owns Obamacare and he is very proud of the program while the general public is much less enthusiastic. The President faces some challenges in the Supreme Court and the results are very hard to predict. The worst part of this dilemma is that the Republicans do not appear to have an alternative unless Paul Ryan actually has a plan ready to launch in the unlikely event that the Supreme Court defangs Obamacare. The problem in no small part is that once you “give” the public oerks under a program like Obamacare the government will be hard pressed to take those benefits back and even harder to convince voters that if they want to keep those “free” programs they will have to pay for them.

Foreign policy is the category that is receiving the most attention at the moment. Many Republicans say the president doesn’t have a foreign policy. This is simply not correct. President Obama’s policy is to get the U.S. off their high horse as he said recently in a press conference and become a “good global citizen” which sounds good but is at odds with reality. All of the factors that play into our country’s image world wide including envy, hate, resentment of our economic success and yes superior attitude born from decades of success color how other country’s image of and relationship potential with the U.S.

The one thing that has been demonstrated in the six years of the Obama reign is that his policy of leading from behind isn’t working. Above all most average American citizens want to secure our country against attacks and encourage our economic growth. A strong U.S. is a safer and potentially more financially successful country. This is probably the weakest policy position that Obama will leave the next President and clearly the most dangerous policy we face as a nation.

One of the most confusing aspects of the Obama policies is the effort to “protect” the Muslim population worldwide by refusing to accept that there are militant Muslims driven by religious fervor to destroy the west. This does not mean all Muslims are like these anymore that all German’s were Nazi’s or even sympatric to Hitler’s policies against Jews.

When the President of this country steps down in 2017 his imprint will be clearly left on this country. Meanwhile Obama will take executive actions, direct the DOJ and appeal to the left side of his party for public support of his education and social programs free from needing the general public’s support. We can only guess what his lingering policies will have on the Democrat party’s efforts in the 2016 elections and beyond. Sometimes it just makes you shake your head.

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