Making assumptions

What to do about ISIS and all of its implications regarding terrorist actions by all groups under one religious banner or another. I believe this requires some key assumptions and that is what I’ve done in writing these recommendations.

I believe history plays a major roll in what we should do to protect our homeland from terrorist and our citizens traveling worldwide for business and pleasure since it is now accepted we are in global economy requiring civil global communications.

While all my friends, liberal, conservative and those with only a passing interest in the issue seem to have the answer I’m a little less certain. Left-wingers point to the George W. Bush era as the catalyst for the spread of violence in the middle east President Obama points to the Christian crusades by implication says those terrorist groups using the Muslim religion [at the moment virtually all terrorist groups use the Muslim religion as their cover] as their rallying cause to correct a religious wrong. Of course representatives from the U.S. State Department pose the answer to stopping terrorist is “an effort to help Middle East states to establish democratic governmental regimes with education and jobs for the youth of the Middle East. If this is the state departments policy it is ludicrous at best but I suspect it is just an effort to support the Presidents position that the Muslim religion is being used for a cover and our country shouldn’t aver react. But this is drifting from the historical aspect of this major problem we are facing as a nation.

The most reasonable assumption it would seem to me is that approximately a hundred years ago the west and east seeking oil and other resources rearranged the borders of countries and created countries all without consideration of religious beliefs or hundreds of years of tribal history. These outsiders enforced their will on Middle East society by bribery and military forces.

It would appear religious ideas and tribal beliefs diehard in the Middle East and in fact not at all. As recently as three years ago the Obama administration lauded the “Arab Spring” delighted in the idea that Middle East “dictators,” friends of ours and recipients of billions of dollars in aid from our country would be replaced by governments free of extreme religious rulers and a modicum of freedom for the citizens of these countries. The Obama supported these rebellions and of course it didn’t work. This not to say that a conservative government in the U.S. would not have made the same decision but whomever made it, it didn’t work and we are known throughout the Middle East as a country not to be trusted. History says the so-called modern world made a huge mistake in the Middle East and we are seeing the outcome of those misplaced beliefs and actions has become a world of extremist driven by an interpretation of the Koran that supports their twisted beliefs of justice for the Muslim world through violence whether their brethren Muslims want this program or not.

What to do to stamp out the violence against Christians and Jews is the question facing the western/non-Muslim world today and in the immediate future.

One of the reasonable hopes is that of the 2.2 billion Muslims in the world the vast majority who rejects the extremist violent approach there will be a rejection by the religious leaders of this approach. The rejection needs to take place in the mosques of the world with the religious leaders urging their communities to work with the youth to reject the siren call of the Internet campaign to radicalize young Muslim men and woman.

Another more direct action the west can take is to withdraw from the tribal disputes in the Middle East and Africa. I know this will not be popular with “nation builders” and human rights organizations just to name two. Yes I’m aware that this knowingly allowing slavery to continue to flourish in this area of the world but let’s faces it slavery goes on now and our efforts have been futile in this area of civil rights concerns. We must allow the tribes to reestablish their “borders” and interact with the western world at their level of interest. When it comes to oil we need to open U.S. federal lands for fracking and other methods of extracting oil lessening our dependence on “foreign oil” with the exception of Canada and Mexico. South American oil sources are more dependent on civil unrest but are less of a threat to us than Middle East oil resources. This approach is simple to offer but will be difficult to implement because the Obama administration has no intentions of releasing federal lands for oil exploitations and that policy will probably remain in effect for the remainder of the Obama term as President.

Now to the obvious, we must negotiate with our fellow western countries to put up new checks and balances inside their respective countries and to seek some uniform travel checks and balances that lessen the risk of extremist easily getting into our country. In side our country we must continue and increase the surveillance of the potential extremist and the potential extremist thwarting lone wolf attempts to perform violent actions.

Finally we need to expand the seal team concept to powerful strike forces that can provide boots on the ground to direct fire, complete raids in concert with local forces, perform assignations and provide intelligence information to our country and our allies. This approach is based on the idea that the extremist may dream of a caliphate but in reality they are hit and run fighters using terror acts as their front-page headlines. The only exception would be a war with Iran where I believe the advantage would be with us because our forces are simply stronger than theirs. Of course there is the additional consideration that the Israel’s might defang the enemy before we have to face them with our mechanized ground forces.

Well there you have it, one persons thoughts on an active program to stop the Muslim extremist from killing our people, eliminating other religious beliefs and causing chaos in the world for all countries looking for a more friendly global world of business and civil communications.

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