Netanyahu Speech March 3, 2015

An impassioned speech by the Prime Minister of Israel was given today to a combined audience of the U. S. house and senate. Did the speech accomplish anything the Prime Minister of Israel wanted to achieve? More importantly what was it Benjamin Netanyahu wanted to accomplish?

Opponents of the Prime Minister of Israel speaking to the congress said his speech did not contain any specific recommendations. The Prime Ministers ambassador to our country pointed out that what the Prime Minister said and wants is destruction of centerfrugies and reduction of plutonium stockpiles. However It would appear the Prime Minister Netanyahu wanted is to make the point that first and foremost any deal with Iran was a bad deal. It would also appear that other than the centrifuges and plutonium he did not offer any specific plans as an alternative to the current negotiating position being applied to dealing with Iran.

Of course the logical question is; what is our negotiating position as we approach the March 24, 2015 trigger date for a “agreement in principal” with Iran. We know that the “chips’ that are being played by the Obama administration and Iran must remain secret otherwise they have little or no value. Of course the key is do we trust President Obama and Secretary Kerry to make a realistic, verifiably deal? It is pretty clear that Prime Minister Netanyahu with inside information he did not reveal during his speech does not trust President Obama to act from a position of strength and achieve verifiable reduction in centrifuges and plutonium stockpiles. Netanyahu referenced “deals” with Iran without keeping Israel in the loop adding to his distrust of the Obama plan. The question I have is do you as voters trust President Obama to deal from strength and get Iran to destroy current centrifuges and reduce plutonium stockpiles or are you expecting a acquiesces to Iran demands?

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