Is Earnest earnest?

Under intense questioning from the press, even from the home team MSNBC Josh Earnest insist the Yemen foreign policy touted by the President as a successful example of his leadership is a success. This in spite of the fact that the country of Yemen is without a President [he is a good friend of our President according to Josh], he is in hiding, the Iranian’s are fielding a fighting force in Yemen against ISIS and apparently seeking to take over the country and make it a “protector” of Iran and our military and intelligence forces have been withdrawn from what was once was a shining example of good foreign policy, according to our President.
Do you remember Muhammad Saeed Al-Sahhaf better known as Baghdad Bob, the on camera spokesperson for the dictator of Iraqi? Do you remember him saying with supreme confidence that the Americans were not entering Baghdad as the picturing were pouring in as we entered the city and actually the place were Baghdad Bob was making his pronouncements? Looks like we have a contender for the most ludicrous defense of the indefensible in Josh Earnest that ever so earnest representative of our far seeing foreign policy genius Barack Obama.

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