The impact of Harry Reid

We heard the announcement today from Harry Reid that he would not run for re-election in 2016. One of my relatives made the point yesterday that the negative impact of President Obama’s policies would affect our governments operations for the next two to four years. I think the same thing applies to Harry Reid’s legacy after forty years in the U.S. Senate. Unfortunately his efforts to protect the president from having to veto bills presented by the House has created a “dead” senate. Further he is trying to protect democrat senators from having to vote against bills that would have been favored in their home states. Harry did this by not allowing these bills to come up for a vote. These “’blocking” actions for the last six years by Harry will far out weigh the contributions he did make in his previous stints in the Senate. It is too bad for Harry’s legacy because unlike Barack who doesn’t give a damn about his party Harry was trying to protect his democrat president and his fellow democrat senators.

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