Bernie Sanders

Bernie is going to announce his run for President of the United States today. He will announce as a socialist running on the democrat ticket because as he points out it would be impractical to run as an independent, his designation as Senator from the great state of Vermont. Personally I’m delighted for Hillary’s campaign, it gives her a communist foil easy to disagree with in debates. At the same time it will allow her to move closer to Liz Warren’s positions without appearing to give up her “center of the road” position for the general election.

You might take exception to my reference of Bernie as a communist but about three years ago when I was having an exchange of ideas with a friend about Bernie I went to his website and among his many writings he declared he was a communist in at least philosophy. I think he has demonstrated many times on the Senate floor that he is willing to propose legislation that prorogates socialist and in some case communist ideas for consideration by the governing body.

As I said Bernie will make a perfect foil for Hillary in democrat sponsored debates. He will also take the pressure off of the democrat party to provide an opponent. An opponent, Bernie that does not represent a real threat to Hillary and the party’s plans for coronation of her as President of our country in 2016.

Get the priorities straight

I just watched the President of the United States list his priorities in dealing with the situation in Baltimore Maryland and the open case of Freddy Grey. The President correctly stated that “a few” criminals looted and burned stores in various parts of Baltimore and they should be treated as criminals. He said that the police department in Baltimore had to reassess their policies and procedures and that the problem in the various communities that make up Baltimore have been in place for many years. The point here is that this troubled city is just 38 miles from his home and he has done nothing in the past to address the problems of that city. It is notable that he mentioned the government in this city has to deal with “troubled policies.” He seems to ignore the fact that the Mayor, Police Commissioner, city council, police and majority of the population is black. What more favorable situation could the black population have. The President also ignored the fact that 90% of all people shot in Baltimore are black and 90% of the shooters are black. Yet in a veiled reference to the responsibilities of the families of the youngsters rampaging in the street he simply said they need to work on it. The President then referenced the lack of jobs for young blacks and the unemployment rate of 50% for black men in the city. The President failed to point out that the city is run primarily by black people. These black leaders are for the most part born in or raised in Baltimore and as the President pointed out this “problem” has been in the city for several decades. The President’s answer is to “fund” new head start type programs for young people and unspecified training for unspecified jobs. The President doesn’t have a job solutions program or it would have initiated it sometime over the six and a half years of his presidency. He is willing to throw money at questionable education programs like the Junior College and on line education programs that produce little or nothing in terms of a useful career. These programs do keep the poor and uneducated supplied with subsistence level government funding but it does not produce useful educated citizens. Finally the President says we need to look at these “problems” which is clearly a code word for racism on a national basis and we the people need to step up and stop this problem [racism} but he doesn’t offer a way to his objective. Of course most of all he ignores that fact that Baltimore is an almost ideal city for the black community. It is run by primarily blacks and has been for years. It has ties to DC [38 miles away] and much of its black talent has moved on to federal government positions in DC further tightening the DC resources to help them deal with their unemployment problems and business development programs and still the problem is not solved. Finally and very importantly if the black leadership of Baltimore keeps stating that the black youth of their city are underdogs, discriminated against, with no hope for a future they [the young citizens] will believe it and make it their self-full filling prophecy.

The mainstream media’s love affair

Every since the Bruce Jenner transgender story broke the media has sung the praises of Bruce’s struggle to find his identity as a man or a woman. The media has also adopted the transgender issue as a civil rights cause. They are determined the mainstream population will accept the transgender population as a “normal” part of our society. Any failure to accept the transgender as a right to be an active part of our society would in the mainstream media’s mind be tantamount to a violation of their civil rights. It seems as if media reporters have suddenly become expert amateur psychiatrist.

Now I don’t know why Bruce is confused about whether he is a woman or a man but I do believe he suffers from that confusion. His recent TV interview only seemed to add to that confusion for both himself and his family. What I do know is that Psychiatrist in chief of John Hopkins, Dr. Paul McHugh’s has decided after performing transgender operations for years to stop because he believes the operations have not benefited the patients and that the transgender issue is an emotional illness and should be treated with psychiatric help.

The media might look for another civil rights cause other than transgender until there is a definitive medial determination on the actual effectiveness of transgender operations.

The Dilemma

Ruth Marcus, the “New York Times” columnist and supporter of all things under the democrat banner but particularly Hillary Clinton declared on the CBS Sunday morning show that Hillary has “done nothing illegal. This is the rallying cry for the democrats in general and the Hillary support team in particular. All you need to do is listen to Mika on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to know this is the current talking point in response to questions about her destroying her e-mails and the questions raised by the new book “Clinton Cash.” On the other hand Joe Scarborough the host of “Morning Joe” asked the question about the appearance of impropriety in the Clinton family’s handling of rules set down by the Obama administration [all e-mails related to government matters must be communicated on government e-mail accounts] and the acceptance of tens of millions of dollars via donations to the Clinton foundation and speaking engagements for Bill Clinton raising the question about the appearance of impropriety. By inference Joe’s question also raising the point of trust. Can Hillary and her family be trusted to put the interest of the people and the government of the United States above personal and family interests? One reporter made the comment that I believe accurately reflects the impact of these possible “improprieties.” The reporter said that for those who support Hillary there will be no consider of rejecting her candidacy because of any accusations of “mistakes” in her management of government activities. The reporter went on to say for those that don’t support Hillary’s candidacy for President they believe she is guilty of every accusation that will be made against her, still there is that question; the appearance of impropriety.

MSNBC turns

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” show broke ranks with their traditional role as supporter of all things Clinton. The questions for their guest David Brock, founder of “Media Matters” a publication slanted heavy toward leftist policies were to the point. Joe and Mika both ask David about the new book “Clinton Cash” by Peter Schweizer covering some history on the donations by foreign governments and global businesses to the Clinton foundation. Joe asked David about whether or not the book was accurate. Joe then observed that the book wouldn’t actually be out until May 5th so it might be hard to make a judgment. David Brock responded immediately that is was another right wing hit on Hillary and was not true. Mika and Joe responded almost immediately with the question “how can we know what she did or said since see deleted her e-mails? David returned to the theme of right wing conspiracy and was almost immediately cut off with the same questions about the deleted e-mails. The conversation became heated and David Brock referenced the author of the book’s character. Willie Geist [part of the Morning Joe team] observed that in general people didn’t preface David’s articles with observations about his background but rather examined the comments or claims made in his writings. Now this may be a tempest in a teapot, particularly if the book “Clinton Cash” turns out to be filled with unsubstantiated claims. Clearly the deleted e-mails by Hillary have made an impact, even on a program led by avid liberals.

As to the book “Clinton Cash” I noted one interesting observation on the Internet, “He [Schweizer] writes mainly in the voice of a neutral journalist and meticulously documents his sources, including tax records and government documents, while leaving little doubt about his view of the Clintons.”

Cultural war

Almost every day we hear another story of massacres, 147 killed Nigeria, 21 executed in Paris, 47 killed in Yemen, 21 beheaded in Syria, 50 executed in Iraqi and what do they have in common, Muslim terrorist killing Christians and other non-Muslims. Still our administration insists this is not a religious war, and maybe it’s not.

Let us say it is a cultural war. A war between the Muslim culture and other cultures generally represented by Christians, Jews, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism to name a few. The fact is these “other cultures” are unacceptable to the Muslim culture. We should also note the fact that Christians are losing membership at a fast rate and at the same time the Muslim is population and membership is growing and expected to equal or exceed Christian numbers by 2040. Other cultures represented by specific religious definitions are growing or staying at a steady rate of membership.

Whether or not President Obama and his administration admit there is a cultural war going on and it is a fact of life. Like I said the numbers of killing of other cultures by the Muslim culture come in daily. Many are saying that these massacres are a tool of Muslim terrorist leadership to try and create a religious war specifically between Christians and Muslims. The truth is we don’t really know but what we will eventually have to do is fight the intentions of the Muslim culture and enlist other cultures to educate their youth to champion their own cultures. They cannot tolerate any imposition of laws or actions in their culture that will give the Muslim culture a foothold in their cultures sphere of influence. Fight back with rules and regulations that protect your culture and if necessary fight to the death to defend your heritage and culture.

As Aaron Rogers said “relax”

We have just received the outline of a agreement that is supposed to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. Our natural instinct is to not trust the parts of the agreement that depends on Iran to “keep its word.” This is natural reaction to the history of past Iranian behavior and several examples of violations of UN sanctions or international agreements. But wait, like Aaron Rogers said to his Green Bay football players/teammates “relax.”

We won’t know if the agreement with Iran will actually be signed until June thirtieth of this year. If an agreement is signed we won’t know if Iran will live by the agreement until the enforcement dates and particulars are announced. We may not tend to believe the agreement will work because of past experience with Iran but let’s wait and see.

Meanwhile the congress will have to unite and put in place legal triggers that would impose serious sanctions on Iran if they violate any of the conditions of the signed agreement. We must also recognize that the EU and other members of the 5+ will in all likelihood not impose sanctions that were in place prior to the signed agreement. Therefore whatever steps congress takes to protect our country we will probably need to stand alone in actions and probably will not in the final analysis cause the Iranian’s to adhere to the specifics of the signed agreement.

If I were an Iranian I would take the nuclear research team I have in place and move them into the wilds of my country and accelerate that research to gain nuclear weapons. I say that because it is clear Iran intends to be a nuclear weapons power. Iran has demonstrated before that through stealth and smart management they can hold off direct interference from those who would try to prevent them from achieving their nuclear weapons objectives and goals.