As Aaron Rogers said “relax”

We have just received the outline of a agreement that is supposed to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. Our natural instinct is to not trust the parts of the agreement that depends on Iran to “keep its word.” This is natural reaction to the history of past Iranian behavior and several examples of violations of UN sanctions or international agreements. But wait, like Aaron Rogers said to his Green Bay football players/teammates “relax.”

We won’t know if the agreement with Iran will actually be signed until June thirtieth of this year. If an agreement is signed we won’t know if Iran will live by the agreement until the enforcement dates and particulars are announced. We may not tend to believe the agreement will work because of past experience with Iran but let’s wait and see.

Meanwhile the congress will have to unite and put in place legal triggers that would impose serious sanctions on Iran if they violate any of the conditions of the signed agreement. We must also recognize that the EU and other members of the 5+ will in all likelihood not impose sanctions that were in place prior to the signed agreement. Therefore whatever steps congress takes to protect our country we will probably need to stand alone in actions and probably will not in the final analysis cause the Iranian’s to adhere to the specifics of the signed agreement.

If I were an Iranian I would take the nuclear research team I have in place and move them into the wilds of my country and accelerate that research to gain nuclear weapons. I say that because it is clear Iran intends to be a nuclear weapons power. Iran has demonstrated before that through stealth and smart management they can hold off direct interference from those who would try to prevent them from achieving their nuclear weapons objectives and goals.

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