Cultural war

Almost every day we hear another story of massacres, 147 killed Nigeria, 21 executed in Paris, 47 killed in Yemen, 21 beheaded in Syria, 50 executed in Iraqi and what do they have in common, Muslim terrorist killing Christians and other non-Muslims. Still our administration insists this is not a religious war, and maybe it’s not.

Let us say it is a cultural war. A war between the Muslim culture and other cultures generally represented by Christians, Jews, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism to name a few. The fact is these “other cultures” are unacceptable to the Muslim culture. We should also note the fact that Christians are losing membership at a fast rate and at the same time the Muslim is population and membership is growing and expected to equal or exceed Christian numbers by 2040. Other cultures represented by specific religious definitions are growing or staying at a steady rate of membership.

Whether or not President Obama and his administration admit there is a cultural war going on and it is a fact of life. Like I said the numbers of killing of other cultures by the Muslim culture come in daily. Many are saying that these massacres are a tool of Muslim terrorist leadership to try and create a religious war specifically between Christians and Muslims. The truth is we don’t really know but what we will eventually have to do is fight the intentions of the Muslim culture and enlist other cultures to educate their youth to champion their own cultures. They cannot tolerate any imposition of laws or actions in their culture that will give the Muslim culture a foothold in their cultures sphere of influence. Fight back with rules and regulations that protect your culture and if necessary fight to the death to defend your heritage and culture.

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