MSNBC turns

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” show broke ranks with their traditional role as supporter of all things Clinton. The questions for their guest David Brock, founder of “Media Matters” a publication slanted heavy toward leftist policies were to the point. Joe and Mika both ask David about the new book “Clinton Cash” by Peter Schweizer covering some history on the donations by foreign governments and global businesses to the Clinton foundation. Joe asked David about whether or not the book was accurate. Joe then observed that the book wouldn’t actually be out until May 5th so it might be hard to make a judgment. David Brock responded immediately that is was another right wing hit on Hillary and was not true. Mika and Joe responded almost immediately with the question “how can we know what she did or said since see deleted her e-mails? David returned to the theme of right wing conspiracy and was almost immediately cut off with the same questions about the deleted e-mails. The conversation became heated and David Brock referenced the author of the book’s character. Willie Geist [part of the Morning Joe team] observed that in general people didn’t preface David’s articles with observations about his background but rather examined the comments or claims made in his writings. Now this may be a tempest in a teapot, particularly if the book “Clinton Cash” turns out to be filled with unsubstantiated claims. Clearly the deleted e-mails by Hillary have made an impact, even on a program led by avid liberals.

As to the book “Clinton Cash” I noted one interesting observation on the Internet, “He [Schweizer] writes mainly in the voice of a neutral journalist and meticulously documents his sources, including tax records and government documents, while leaving little doubt about his view of the Clintons.”

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