The Dilemma

Ruth Marcus, the “New York Times” columnist and supporter of all things under the democrat banner but particularly Hillary Clinton declared on the CBS Sunday morning show that Hillary has “done nothing illegal. This is the rallying cry for the democrats in general and the Hillary support team in particular. All you need to do is listen to Mika on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to know this is the current talking point in response to questions about her destroying her e-mails and the questions raised by the new book “Clinton Cash.” On the other hand Joe Scarborough the host of “Morning Joe” asked the question about the appearance of impropriety in the Clinton family’s handling of rules set down by the Obama administration [all e-mails related to government matters must be communicated on government e-mail accounts] and the acceptance of tens of millions of dollars via donations to the Clinton foundation and speaking engagements for Bill Clinton raising the question about the appearance of impropriety. By inference Joe’s question also raising the point of trust. Can Hillary and her family be trusted to put the interest of the people and the government of the United States above personal and family interests? One reporter made the comment that I believe accurately reflects the impact of these possible “improprieties.” The reporter said that for those who support Hillary there will be no consider of rejecting her candidacy because of any accusations of “mistakes” in her management of government activities. The reporter went on to say for those that don’t support Hillary’s candidacy for President they believe she is guilty of every accusation that will be made against her, still there is that question; the appearance of impropriety.

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