The mainstream media’s love affair

Every since the Bruce Jenner transgender story broke the media has sung the praises of Bruce’s struggle to find his identity as a man or a woman. The media has also adopted the transgender issue as a civil rights cause. They are determined the mainstream population will accept the transgender population as a “normal” part of our society. Any failure to accept the transgender as a right to be an active part of our society would in the mainstream media’s mind be tantamount to a violation of their civil rights. It seems as if media reporters have suddenly become expert amateur psychiatrist.

Now I don’t know why Bruce is confused about whether he is a woman or a man but I do believe he suffers from that confusion. His recent TV interview only seemed to add to that confusion for both himself and his family. What I do know is that Psychiatrist in chief of John Hopkins, Dr. Paul McHugh’s has decided after performing transgender operations for years to stop because he believes the operations have not benefited the patients and that the transgender issue is an emotional illness and should be treated with psychiatric help.

The media might look for another civil rights cause other than transgender until there is a definitive medial determination on the actual effectiveness of transgender operations.

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